50+ Blog Topic Ideas for Beginners to Start Blogging in 2023

Are you looking to start a blog?

That’s really a great. I would like to congratulate you for making this decision.

You have completed first step about blogging.

Now you are looking for blogging ideas or what can I blog about or things to blog about?

In this post I have shared with you 50+ blog topics which can help you decide blog topic for your own blog.

Major components you should focus on before starting the blog

  1. Domain Name
  2. Fast Web hosting
  3. WPAstra – WordPress fastest theme

So without wasting time let’s get started and dive in to find out blog topic ideas

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Blog Topic Ideas For Beginners

1. Health Niche

This is an evergreen niche on the internet.Everyone is health conscious these days and want to take good care of their health.

A blog on health niche is a good to have as blog writing topic.

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2. Language Learning Niche

Are you looking to learn a new language?

Due to globalization a person should know more than one language to communicate with others in their business.

If you know a language why don’t you learn or teach that language to someone else? It is one of the good blog topics

3. How to Travel

Travelling is a part of life.You are going to some destination but you need a way or pointers on how to travel a specific destination.

Nevertheless it is a good blog topic idea if you’re a traveller. It is another great topic in our blog topics list.

4. Writing Niche

Do u love writing? I guess yes that is why you are here to find out blog topic ideas for your blog.

If you are good in writing stuff why not to start a blog on writing niche which will contain tips and tricks on how to write articles for your blog or magazines

It is one of top blog topics

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5. Self/Personal Development

Are you a job seeker or person with low confidence? You are good in developing skills which can help a person develop his personality.

Start a blog on personality development skills.

6. Communication Skills Niche 

You are good in communication.You want to teach others how to master this skills.Why not start a blog on this and market your skills.

7. Self Defense Niche

Due to increase in crime around the world people are looking out to learn self defense when they get into trouble.

IF you have knowledge of self defense and can teach people about it starting a blog can help you lot.

It is one of good topics for beginners blog.

8. Recipes For Couples Without Children

You and your girlfriend are staying alone (live-in relationship) also you are tired eating from hotel.

You want to try out recipes to be made at home.You do make your own recipes and is good chef who can make superb niche.

Starting a blog for people like you can help them and you as well.

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9. Male and Female Communication Niche

Many guys and girls are hesitant to talk to each other.You are master on how to start conversation or get things going.

Share your knowledge by starting a blog on this niche.

10. Technology Niche

Well this niche doesn’t need any explanation.This is a very vast niche and is doing wonders for many tech bloggers.

If you love android start a blog on android niche.if you love mobiles start a blog on latest mobile trends and so on.

Also saying from revenue part ,technology niche is found to be very fruitful for bloggers.

It is one of the best blog topics for beginners.

11. Blogging on special type of foods

Do u have skill to make special type of food which no one can make? Why not share this knowledge with the world by starting a blog on this niche.

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12. Bullying/Cyber bulling

You or your kids are at school or college. They are being bullied by seniors or some evil kids.Starting a blog on how to deal with such situation and help others going through same situation.

Cyber bullying or in simple words hacking other sites is a huge loss for people.You know how to stop these evil doers or maybe you have the solutions on how to deal with such situations starting a blog can help you a lot.

13. Children disorder niche

Humans suffer from various disorders or diseases.Chilren are not an exception.Disorder like Autism and Progeria are some disorders found in children

These children requires special attention and have special needs.You or your friend have a kid with same disorder you want to share with others how to take care of him/her and do the upbringing.Start a blog and help others who are facing similar disorders with their loved ones.

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14. Body weight training niche

You are a fitness freak looking to learn or teach others about body weight.Starting a blog on this topic will help u teach and learn a lot.

15. Entrepreneurial education for kids

You want your kids to to entrepreneur when they grow instead of doing 9to5 jobs and getting stuck in their life.

On the other hand you have information on how to train kids so that they become successful entrepreneur.

Starting a blog on this niche will work for you.

16. Disc Golf Niche

Golf is an amazing game to play.Disc golf is a type of golf played using Discs.You love to play or you want to learn how its played.

Starting a blog on disc golf can help people who want to learn more about this game.

17. DIY Projects Niche

You are good in making DIY stuff.Why not starting a blog on DIY which will help people learn about how to do things by themselves.

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18. Marriage niche

Are you a marriage guru? Do you love to advice people on how to marry or how to get hooked with someone you love? Starting a blog in this niche will be great for you.

19. Friendship Niche

We all love to make friends but there are some people who don’t know how to make friends or have issues in friendship.Be their counsellor on how to sustain a good friendship.

Start a blog on friendship related matters

20. How to train a Dog niche

I love pets a lot especially a cat..similarly many people in the world love dogs.Dogs can be cute Labradors or german shepards.

You want your dog to be trained for not creating mess in your house.You have the knowledge of training your dogs to be good.

Starting a blog on dog niche will be good.

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21. Education niche

This is an evergreen niche.Everyone wants to learn and be educated on some or the other topic in his life.Topic can be anything from programming to learning to ride a motorbike.

If you have knowledge on any particular topic you can start a blog on it.

22. Fashion niche

Fashion is another evergreen niche on which one start his own blog.Mainly I see girls are more into fashion.You can start your blog on fashion also drill down to the topic you love the most.

Nowadays many of the fashion bloggers are earning to well from their blogs

23. Travel niche

We all love travelling from one place to another.You got an experience to share with people.Starting a blog on your travel hobby can do wonders.

Start a blog and see how many travellers will connect to you

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24. Self sustaining lifestyle niche

You are lone person in your life.You have been through a lot and have learnt how to live life by yourself.You know how to be self sustainable.

Share your experiences and learning by starting a blog on this topic.

25. Mind empowerment niche

People nowadays are struggling to find out solutions to empower their mind and find peace.

If you got the knowledge on mind empowerment starting a blog can be fruitful.

26. Personal financial management niche

You are good in managing finance of yourself.You want others also to learn this.Starting a blog on personal financial management can help you get more followers and exposure too.

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27. Healthy eating blog niche

Everyone is looking for healthy lifestyle.No one wants to eat junk foods and invite ton of diseases and disorders.You on the other hand know how to cook healthy food and stay healthy.

Start a blog on this niche can help you a lot.

28. Ghost hunting niche

Ghost..Sprits.!! Do they really exists ? I guess they do therefore I see there are blogs and websites on ghost hunting.

If you are looking for solution or have the knowledge of hunting ghosts start a blog on this niche to help others.

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29. Video game tutorials niche

Are you a gamer? Do u love to play games? You want to help other fellow gamers in the gaming community so that they should know walkthrough or tips if they get stuck at certain level or stage.

Try to focus on one game at a time. For example you can start a whole blog on Minecraft game niche.People are crazy about this game and are always looking for tutorials on this game.

Start blog if you have passion and knowledge on certain game and see how wonders it can do for you.

30. Game development niche

You have developed game also you want others also to learn about how a game is being developed.

Nowadays many new games are released everyday. If you have the passion to develop a game for you this niche is for you.

Teach others after starting a blog on specific game.You can develop an Android or iOS game and teach other how it was developed every details about it.

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31. Helping small business grow niche

You are startup or a growing entrepreneur.You have gone through lot of ups and downs in your entpreneurial career.

You want others not to repeat the mistakes you did in the journey.Starting a blog on how to grow and setup small business can be good.

32. Farming niche

You are farmer and want to teach others who want to learn farming or want to know about how a specific crop or fruit is grown.

Starting a blog on farming can help you grow a lot

33. Gardening niche

You love gardening also you have a patio in your home.You can help others how to do gardening in your home.

Start a blog and see how many people of same interest will connect to you.

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34. Photography niche

You are an amazing photographer.You want to share with world the beautiful and scenic photos you take with your buddy camera.

Starting a blog on photography can work well.

35. Blog and Web Design niche

Ok this my blog is about.Its about blogging and WordPress.Alongwith this I know how to design and setup a website for my friend or a client.

You have the skills which I got why  not start a blog on this?

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36. Self employment niche

You don’t like to work 9 to 5 like others do.You are self employed and you want others to learn how you did it.

Start a blog on self employment niche and help others who want to stay away from tedious and boring 9 to 5 jobs.

37. Rapid language learning niche

Can u teach some a language rapidly? This niche is for you.Start a blog on rapid language learning now.

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38. Vegetarian diet niche

People are getting obese and have severe issues eating nonveg.You on the other hand eat purely vegan diet.Start a blog on this topic covering how to stay fit and maintain your health having a vegan diet.

39. Cycling niche

Are you cyclist? Start a blog and teach others how to be a successful cyclist and the things need to become a proper cyclist.

40. Swimming niche

Are you swimmer? Start a blog and teach others how to be a successful swimmer and the things involved to become a swimmer.

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41. Apartment living niche

You live an apartment and have got the experiences.Many people shift from their big houses to apartments and are not comfortable to it.

Start a blog on apartment living and help others issues by providing them solutions.

42. Interior design niche

Are you an interior designer? You love to setup interior of the people.You want to help others how it can be done or may be you want to get leads to your business.

Starting a blog can help you wonders.

43. Sports photography niche

You like to photograph a particular sport? It can be cricket,football or any other sport.You want to spread the knowledge of how it is done.

Start a blog on this niche if you have passion.

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44. Public speaking skills niche

You are good public speaker.You want other also to become a successful public speaker.Start a blog where you can teach how to get it done

45. Family topics related niche (improving relationship between parents and siblings)

Many people in their life have issues with their parents and siblings.You are good counsellor who can solve their matters and settle them.

Starting a blog can help you get recognized a lot

46. Music niche

You love music? I too love music but its my bad luck I don’t know how to play a guitar or a piano

Do u know who to play any musical instrument? Start a blog on it and teach other how to do it and be a pro.

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47. Cricket niche

You love cricket? You are die hard fan of cricket.Why not start a blog on cricket niche and share your knowledge to your readers.

48. Football niche

You are footballer in real life. You love playing football why not share football playing tips and tricks to people who want to learn more about this game.

49. Tennis niche

You love tennis? You are die hard fan of tennis. Why not start blog on tennis niche and share your knowledge to your readers.

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50.Rugby niche

You are rugby fan or a rugby player? Why not start blog on rugby niche and share your information with your readers.

51.How to do travel photography/videography niche

You are a travelbug? Why not the start a blog on travel photography and videography you do while  u spend your time in your favourite destination.People want to know about a specific destination how it looks as picture and in video

52.Car maintenance niche

You have car for you.You are professional in doing car maintenance.Why not start a blog on car maintenance and help other doing the same.

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53.Eco-tourism niche

Tourism is one of the most revenue field for any economy.But due to pollution many are going eco-friendly.You have information about how to keep things eco-friendly in tourism starting a blog can help you a lot.

54.Yoga niche

Are you a yoga lover? A fitness freak who does daily yoga to stay fit? Starting a blog on Yoga can help you connect with people of similar mindset.

55.Amazon affiliate website niche

Amazon is one of the top ecommerce website in the world.Why not to get a share for you in Amazon’s revenue.

Start a niche blog in which you are passionate about.

Also don’t forget to choose a micro niche which has high search volume and low competition.

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Post reviews on the site so that you can drive sales by referring people to Amazon.

56.Teach/Learn religion niche

You want to learn or teach specific religion like Islam,Christianity,Hinduism etc.Starting a blog on this topic can help you get readers who want to learn more about religion.

57. Listicles niche

Right now you are reading a listicle.It is nothing but a post in the form of lists.Start a blog on lists which you feel it can attract readers and can be shared on social media.

Lists can include of any niche from entertainment,sports,technology and much more.

58. How-to’s niche

You love to teach some how to fix a refrigerator? How to fix your PC? Why not start a blog fully on How-to’s stuff and get your readers the information they need.

It is one of the best blog writing topics.

59. Politics niche

Do you love to read about politics ? You want to share latest news in politics.Why not start a blog on covering latest news n politics with your blog readers.

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60.Entertainment niche

You love to watch movies with entertainment person.You want to share the recent happenings in entertainment industry with others.Starting a blog can help you achieve you wanted.

61.Bacon niche

Bacon is a type of food which is eaten widely in Western countries.Starting a blog on bacon recipes can help you get readers who are looking to prepare bacon dishes for themselves.

62.Recipes niche

We all need food for our survival.Many people don’t know cooking.Starting a blog on various cuisines to be made can do wonders for you.You will get many followers for your blog who can learn to cook a recipe by following the steps you posted.

Another great one in the list of blogging topics for beginners.

63.Beginner guides

No one is born pro in world.Every professional was once a beginner.Be it any niche someone has to start from beginning.

Whatever niche you choose try sharing helpful guides for your blog readers which can help them find solutions

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64.Personal stories niche

You love to share your personal stories? Why not start a blog on it and get people know more about you and your stories

65.Interviews niche

There are many influencers in your niche who have got success and are doing well in their business.Start blog completely on interviews niche where you can interview those folks and share with people who wants to know more about them.

Another one in the list of blogging ideas for beginners.

66.Charity and activism niche

Are you social person? Who likes to do social work for other people.Starting a blog on charity and activism can help you connect with people of same mindset as you are.

This niche will work good if you are NGO(non government organization) and like to display your activities conducted by your organization

67.Product reviews niche

Do you like to review product of any type? Choose a category of product and put your honest review and see how people will follow your blog.

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68.Sourced News/Content curation niche

You like to share news by content curation? Content curation is a technique in which you gather news from various sources and post it on your blog.

Many people don’t want to surf around various blogs or websites.Taking advantage of this why not start blog on sourced news which will help your blog readers.

Another great one in the list of blog ideas for beginners.

69.Gifs and memes niche

People are crazy about gifs and memes.They are much more popular in social media like Facebook and Twitter.

You see yourself an excellent gif/meme maker.Starting a blog on this niche can drive traffic to your blog and help readers what they were looking for.

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70. Mythbusters niche

You know there are so many myths about a particular topic.For example if you do this this thing will happen in your life.

You know the reality behind those myths.Why not start a blog busting those myths out and letting people know the reality behind them.

71. Virtual reality niche

Virtual reality (VR) is the new buzz on the internet.Be it games or tech stuff people love to know more about virtual reality.

Starting a blog can help you be an authority in virtual reality niche.

72. Contests/Quiz niche

People love contents and quiz.You start website or blog on contests and quiz niche.Once people answer your question correctly they are rewarded with freebies and other rewards.

73. Coupons/Cashback/Deals niche

You want to purchase online? But the price of the product or service is quite high.In this case you will be looking out for coupon code or a cashback deals.

People are earning lot of money via this niche.If you have the passion and determination you can start with this niche and earn good amount of money.

74. History niche

People love to know about history of country or any civilization.Are you a historian ? who loves to study history and tell others about history of a specific identity.

Starting a blog can do wonders for you in this niche

75. Parenting tips niche

Newly married couples or expecting mothers want to learn about parenting tips for their children

If you have knowledge and experience in this niche.Starting a blog can help you lot to get followers and readers to your blog who can follow your advices and tips.

76. Event blog niche

You want to earn lot of money in less amount of time? Event blog is your helping hand.There are many events occur worldwide.Be it any festivals or any political elections.

You can start a blog covering in and out of the event.You will get targeted traffic to your blog which can help you make more money.

77. Gift ideas niche

You are planning to gift something to your girlfriend,mother,father or any one else? But you don’t have any idea what to gift

Many bloggers have a blog in this niche where they post gift ideas for various people.

If you also have such ideas why not to start a blog on this niche and become authority

78. Best of’s niche

Best of’s niche is subpart of listicles niche which involves you to gather and collate list of various products or service.

For example you are looking to buy phone under 2000 rupees. You will be needing to know about best phones under 2000 rupees which are available in this category.

Hence you can earn lot of money once you become an authority in this niche.

It is one of the topics for blogging for beginners

79. Rant out niche

Are you angry on something? Why don’t put your anger out in the form of blog posts.Let other people know the reason behind your anger.

There exists Youtube channels who are totally based on Rantism where you shout out loud for the current trends happening around you.

Similar way you can start a blog on this topic and get followers.

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80. Real estate niche

You are a real estate agent or someone who has knowledge of how real estate works.

You want others to help how to get started and everything involved in real estate mechanism.

Starting a blog on this niche can help you get lot many followers who are into real estate or people who are looking out to get into this business.


You have landed to end of this post on blog topic ideas

I hope I did not bore you while reading the post.

I also request you if you have any more blog topic ideas which I have missed here kindly comment below so that I can update this blog post.

Conclusion on Blog Topics for Beginners

I hope you liked my post on blog topic ideas for beginners. If you like my post share with your friends and relatives who are looking to start a blog.

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